It’s just a fact. Extensive global research consistently shows that health-related adult education classes are linked to significant improvement in participants’ health outcomes and habits, as well as greater resilience and positivity in the face of health crises.


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The Whole30

The Whole30 is one of my favorite anti-inflammatory diets. Want to do something bold to smash inflammation and be inspired by what it can do for your joint pain, mental clarity, quality of sleep, and much more? With no calorie restriction, you avoid five food categories for 30 days. Common benefits include noticeable improvement in sleep (#1!), joint pain, abdominal swelling, mental clarity, mood, anxiety, irritability, energy and stamina over the day, skin problems, and headaches. When you end the diet, you’ll more easily notice which foods contribute to the return of unwanted symptoms and figure out how often you can eat them and still keep your new-found benefits. Get important tips for following this diet and getting through the first few days without stumbling into one of the many pitfalls of using special diets. This is not a weight loss diet, though most users lose weight. It also boosts immunity and helps with healing of the intestinal tract.

Wednesday, Oct 2
1:30 – 3:00 pm

Protect and Rebuild Your Bones Without Medication

Bone loss can be slowed and many times even reversed by following specific dietary, habit, and (especially) supplement practices. Your instructor has restored bone density from advanced osteopenia to normal bone density. Learn how supplementation with the three “calcium taxis” can help rebuild your bones. In contrast, calcium supplementation isn’t always needed, and many Americans are getting too much calcium from pills, contributing to arterial plaque buildup. Learn how bone-rebuilding medications work and how they can weaken the bones even as they lead to better DEXA scan results. We’ll look at the FRAX test and why the World Health Organization and the National Osteoporosis Foundation no longer consider the DEXA scan a reliable indicator of fracture risk.

Wednesday, Oct 30
1:30 – 3:00 pm

Weight Gain, Weight Retention, and Obesity

Weight gain and weight loss is about calories in vs. calories out, right? For some people, it’s really that simple. Yet this overlooks powerful, hidden physiological factors that push people to overeat, and trying to solve them with willpower is often impossible. For millions more, it’s even more confounding. You don’t have to overeat to be overweight! The NIH declared obesity a disease in 1998 and the AMA in 2013. And rightly so. Decades of research reveal complex genetic and environmental factors that contribute to the development of obesity and its resistance to treatment. We even now have common food ingredients that are affecting our ability to burn our own fat! We’ll never be able to overcome the stigma of overweight and obesity unless we understand the genetic, metabolic, and food processing changes that are contributing to our epidemic of easier weight gain and stubborn weight retention.

Wednesday, Nov 13
1:30 – 3:00 pm

Reassessing and Managing Low Thyroid

Low thyroid hormones impact every cell and organ in the body. Many practitioners don’t order all the tests needed to accurately identify your thyroid status, which can lead to a missed diagnosis or the wrong medication for treatment. You’ll complete a thyroid questionnaire, learn the many symptoms of low thyroid, and receive easy instructions for basal body temperature testing. Learn which tests to request for a first assessment or if you’ve been diagnosed and treated for low thyroid but still have symptoms. We’ll explore how foods like soy and wheat can interfere with thyroid function while iodine, selenium, and certain herbs can help. Learn how tired adrenals can sometimes be the main reason for a sluggish thyroid. There’s much we can do to strengthen and support this critical gland.

Wednesday, Nov 20
1:30 – 3:00 pm

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Love your classes! You are knowledgeable and I love your integrative and friendly, compassionate approach!

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Jari is a clear speaker with an engaging style. Lots of clearly organized info that is not overwhelming... nicely done, thanks!

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Jari's an amazing teacher and very knowledgeable.

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I would tell others to just take all of Jari's classes!

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