It’s just a fact. Extensive global research consistently shows that health-related adult education classes are linked to significant improvement in participants’ health outcomes and habits, as well as greater resilience and positivity in the face of health crises.


Join me at COCC.

All of my classes are in person, and masks are required for all in-person classes. I hope you’ll join me!

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Navigating Nutritional Supplements    In-person class.

Dietary supplements can be valuable aids for restoring and maintaining your health. Extensive government research shows the nutrient levels in our foods have been falling steadily for 70 years. Learn the 3 supplements every adult needs, which forms of nutrients are best absorbed, and brands that give you the best quality for price. Learn tips for buying, storing, and taking supplements and how to assess if the supplements you take are actually working for you.

Tuesday, Oct 12 10:30 am – noon

Rebuilding Bones Without Medication    In-person class.

With the right foods and supplements, bone loss can usually be stopped or reversed. Learn how bone-rebuilding works and why bone medications weaken bones even as they lead to better DEXA scan results. Know the side effects so you can make an informed decision. We’ll review the FRAX test and why the World Health Organization and the National Osteoporosis Foundation no longer consider the DEXA scan as a reliable indicator of fracture risk.

Tuesday, Nov 30
10:30 am – noon

Reversing Chronic Inflammation  In-person class.

Most of us associate inflammation with injury or surgery as a temporary reaction that helps us heal. But the U.S. has an epidemic of another type of inflammation – internal, invisible, systemic and chronic. It can be painless and hard to detect or the cause of chronic pain. Chronic inflammation tears down our health, causing damage to joints, bowels, heart, blood vessels, and the brain. Inflammatory foods, poor digestion, and chronic stress all contribute to this type of inflammation. You’ll learn the foods that create inflammation, and the anti-inflammatory foods and supplements now embraced by millions to significantly improve their health.

Tuesday, Nov 30
10:30 am – noon

Students Share Their Experiences

Love your classes! You are knowledgeable and I love your integrative and friendly, compassionate approach!

COCC blind evaluation

Jari is a clear speaker with an engaging style. Lots of clearly organized info that is not overwhelming... nicely done, thanks!

COCC blind evaluation

Jari's an amazing teacher and very knowledgeable.

COCC blind evaluation

I would tell others to just take all of Jari's classes!

COCC blind evaluation