I added this Handouts section when my redesigned site launched May 2020. I have many more, and they’ll be added as they receive a fresh update and edit.

These materials are primarily written for clients and students, many of whom want detailed and specific information so they can successfully manage their health challenges in the face of a troubled healthcare system that hasn’t been able to provide adequate answers. These handouts are one way I support their quest for self-reliance, and now anyone is welcome to read and share. Just keep in mind they are not light reading.

If you find something that appears confusing, misleading or inaccurate, I welcome your feedback. Please share constructive comments by email, as well as topic suggestions for future handouts. — Jari Serra, RD

Questionnaires, Checklists, and Forms

Information-gathering forms for self-assessment and record keeping.

Nutrition and Home Remedy Handouts

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